What type of business opportunities are there in Iran?

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Since we have established PERIS-SCOPE, we have been meeting with various professionals and entrepreneurs from different industries and the one common topic that we discuss in every meeting is the endless opportunities in Iran market. Thereafter the discussion moves to how to leverage these opportunities and make a successful business in Iran. I even remember a meeting with one of the big groups VP who asked “We want to invest in Iran, but we have no idea where to invest”.

The opportunities in Iran at its current stage are probably endless, and making the right choice through understanding the market dynamics and the profile of your target group and working out with the right partners is crucial for success. And of course as Walt Disney said “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”. Do what you know best.

When I first visited Tehran more than 12 years ago, I remember limited choices in terms of international cuisine availability, and if you wanted to have a nice dinner with friends you definitely have Chellow Kebab. Don’t get me wrong, Chellow Kebab is probably among my top 10 favourite dishes worldwide in terms of its taste, but we need variety. Back in that time, I remember discovering Monsoon Restaurant, offering Asian dishes in a little restaurant, which was a pioneer in its industry and it was one of my best discoveries. Today, Monsoon has become a big group with several restaurants in Tehran offering variety of choices probably leading the hospitality industry in Iran.

Another successful entrepreneur from Turkey, Big Chefs who started their business in 2007 in Ankara is now one of the biggest chains in Turkey with more than 30 branches. Big Chefs has recently made the first step to enter into Iran market and they had an agreement to partner with Monsoon Group. This partnership agreement brings lot of growth opportunities for both sides, and we can smell the sizzling success for both partners.

There are various opportunities in Iran market and PERIS-SCOPE can help you to navigate through potential options that fit with your capabilities, and establish your business in Iran by connecting you with the accurate resources.

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