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We have been reading and sharing how digitalisation is dominating the marketing industry  and TV being the classical method to reach customers is already a history. Is this really the case?

Yes, digital tools offer various choices and interactive tools with a significantly more precise targeting than a classic 30 sec. advertising. Yes, consumers are becoming connected almost everyday and every time thanks to the increased data speed on mobile technology and they are becoming addicted to their mobile phones. Yes you do not need to have the marketing budget of a multinational CPG company in order to advertise your business with the digital tools

But the fact is, TV still receives a dominant majority of ad spending by 39,1% of total , while on-line advertising gets 24,4% according to ZenithOptimedia report as of 2014.

Should we accuse the advertisers all around the world of wasting their money on TV and the lack of strategic thinking although each and every day world is dominated by news how digital surrounded all consumers?

On the contrary, according to a research shared by Jason Mander (Director of Research and Insight at GlobalWebIndex), TV ads is still the number 1 source for brand discovery ahead of search engines. I remember a recent interview I had with one of the top Facebook executives, talking about the reasons of marketers globally preferring TV as their main source of medium, she arrogantly commented “No one is watching TV, why would anyone keep spending their money on it”.

Yet, ad-blocking is becoming very popular among mobile users and according to GlobalWebIndex Q4 2015 data 37% of them have used ad-blocking on their devices and 42% is interested in doing so. This creates further challenges for digital medium owners to invent creative tools to make consumers more interacted with the advertising on their spaces hence convince advertisers to drop TV from their priority shopping lists.



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