Strategic Industrial Analysis and Market Intelligence:
“I want to explore the opportunities in the market that will fit with my organizational capabilities so as to grow my business”

WE DO: Industry Analysis & Strategy Identification
We start by implementing an industrial review analyzing the competitors, customers and key suppliers in Iran market. Following that, we implement and economic analysis looking at the market trends, market sizes, lifecycles and key pricing information through the best available market research tools and reporting system in Iran market. Once we gather all the key information in your industry, we develop a PESTEL analysis. This finally leads us to identifying the key opportunities in the market where we provide specific and actionable strategy identification and selection considering all the laws and regulations in Iran related to your industry. Our process is working fully grounded in your business objectives and fueled by real world insights.

 Corporate and Brand Scope Development:
I wish I was able to step back and re-think with an outsider view about all my strategy and plans as I can’t find the way out.”

WE DO: Corporate and Brand Scope Development
Brand Scope is a back bone of your business that defines all the strategic choices like who you are targeting, what is your big idea, what is your promise to your customers and how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors. It is a strategic document that consolidates the brand both in strategy and in execution. It is a clear and simple document that acts as a guidance to each and every individual in your organization that makes an impact on your business results. Brand Scope development is a strategic process which we bring all key decision makers in your business together and start defining WHERE do you play, WHO are you targeting, WHAT is your promise and WHY would this matter to your organization and your target group. The output will provide all the strategic clarity and the motivation to each individual in your organization on a single document.

Annual Business Planning Development:
How am I supposed to bring all my organization working  around the common business objectives as one team?”

WE DO: Annual Business Planning Development:
It is a challenge to make every individual organization work towards the same goal and work as “One” team around a common objective. We implement Annual Business Planning tool that unites your organization as “1 team” working for “1 common vision”. The annual business planning tool deploys all company objectives and strategies down through your organization to each individual with specific action points enabling you to define executional details in bringing your strategies into life. In this process, we start by defining your long term vision and identify the long term strategic choices that will enable you to reach that vision. After we have made the strategic choices, we identify the key activities to bring those strategies into life, and clarify all the stepping stones to reach that vision with specific plans, activities, responsible and the target timings. The output delivers a clear activity sheet from top to the each individual enabling all the organization to be united behind one vision.


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