Marketing Plan Development:
YOU SAY: Marketing is one of the key investments for my business, but I am not sure if we are making the right choices among the endless variables in the Marketing world to deliver the best return for my business.

WE DO: Marketing Plan Development
Developing a marketing plan behind 4Ps theory was the comfortable times of consumer targeting organisations in past times. Today each P is interconnected to endless variables creating a complex matrix to orchestrate in a perfect harmony with each other.  At PERIS-SCOPE we start clarifying the strategic priorities and business objectives of our clients. We then analyse the key drivers of their industry and their business leading us to create a priority list considering various dimensions (communication, innovation, promotion, pricing, alliances, retail choices etc) including the execution principles of each. The output enables our clients to have a clear guidance on where and how much to invest their resources.

Communication Strategy Development:
YOU SAY: Who is developing all these great advertising in the world and why I have never met one. I have been working with various ad agencies, but never managed to create a ground breaking advertising for my brand.

WE DO: Communication Strategy Development
You might have developed the sharpest strategies for your business, but if you end up bringing your ideas into life with mediocre executions, you will never collect the sweetest fruits. Great business objectives must be specific, measurable, achievable yet challenging, but your communication objectives need more than that in order for you to convey the passion to your ad agency and your consumers. At PERIS-SCOPE, we review your business strategies according to SMART measures, and then translate them into Communication Strategies by defining who you are targeting, what you want them to do and how do you want them to feel. This process enables you to crystal clear your briefing to your advertising agency, and you will feel the joy of reviewing all the exciting ideas in your pipeline.

Digital Marketing Planning:
YOU SAY: Digital Marketing, yes it is a great opportunity, I hear everyday. Who can help me develop an effective digital marketing plan, that I can understand clearly what we do and why we do?

WE DO: Digital Marketing Planning


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