Go to Market Strategy Development:
YOU SAY: “I am very clear with my business strategy, but I need guidance on the detailed execution planning”

WE DO: Go to market strategy development
“Vision without execution is hallucination” as Thomas Edison said. At PERIS-SCOPE we guide our clients developing the executional planning in terms of their retail choices, in-store planning, pricing and placement options. We start the process in sharpening our clients’ business objectives and strategies and through our extensive market research tools we identify the key dynamics and competitors executional planning in their industry. After implementing the external and internal analysis, we develop a guideline helping our clients to make their choices and define specifics on their go to market plans.

Promotion Strategy Development:
YOU SAY: We often find ourselves responding to all our competitors promotions, but I am not sure if this helps to grow my business efficiently.

WE DO: Promotion Strategy Development.
At PERIS-SCOPE, we start by understanding and sharpening the business objectives of our clients. Through our extensive Market Research tools we identify the marginal impact of each promotional activity in your business and industry. Finally we re-shape our clients’ promotion strategies and executional plans that are in line with their business strategies. The promotion strategy development not only helps our clients to make the business building promotional choices but also helps them to maximize their return on investments.

Product and Commercial Innovation Workshops:
YOU SAY: “Continuous innovation is a must for the sustainability of my business, but we lack strong ideas to fill our pipeline.

WE DO: Product and Commercial Innovation Workshops.
Innovation has been the key driver of the social development as well as economic growth throughout the history. Today innovation is not the sole responsibility of R&D teams, but it is one of the top agenda items being discussed at board level. The key challenge is how to find the innovation ideas enabling a sustainable growth for your business. We execute a detailed innovation process with our clients starting with clearly defining their territory of  business. After reviewing the dynamics in their industry and business we process all consumer insights and needs that leads us to the innovation ideation workshops that will create ideas based on real market and consumer needs. The processes we use provides a pipeline of ideas for our clients while building the skills of their organization for future innovation planning.


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