Legal Support Services:
YOU SAY: “I want to establish my business in Iran, but I am not sure where to get the reliable information about legal procedures .

WE DO: Legal support services to help navigate through all possible legal options, duties and processes to establish and do business in Iran.

Legal Support Services:
Iran is probably the last major emerging market in this world that has not been discovered by the global players, and will have a major impact in global economy on the next decade after the sanctions have been lifted up. Although Iran promises vast opportunities to all types of industries, establishing your business  to ensure a sustainable presence in Iran market is not a simple process. Iran has a complex legal system that the businesses are subject to various laws and bylaws which has a direct impact on the future of your business. That’s why it is critical to navigate through all possible legal options, identify the impact on your business for each option and follow the necessary duties and processes while establishing your business. PERIS-SCOPE legal team not only acts as a legal advisor, but guides you throughout the process of establishing your business by clarifying the business impact of each of your legal choices from establishing a manufacturing site to assigning an agent in Iran market. Our legal team has significant experience in various industries including energy, broadcasting, agriculture, consumer products, and construction and especially in foreign investment. Their vast network provides a first hand, up to date and trustable knowledge in terms of laws and regulations, helping you to make your choices confidently.

HR Services:
YOU SAY: “I am keen on setting-up an organisation in Iran market, but where can I find the qualified professionals?”

WE DO: We provide HR services to identify, recruit and integrate the vital professionals into your organisation in Iran
Given Iran’s fairly closed economy in past 30 years, there has been a very limited interaction between the global economy with the local businesses. That’s why identifying a C-Level professional that is familiar with the global management practices who has a local market experience is a major challenge in Iran market. PERIS-SCOPE team has a long term experience in Iran market with direct contact to several business professionals. This experience not only provides a strong pool of candidates, but our one on one experiences with these professionals help us to identify the top candidates that would fit into your organisational effectively. We help our clients in identifying the C-level candidates, do the screening and negotiating the contracts reflecting the market practices.

Management Training Programs:
I wish I could have a magic stick to build my team’s knowledge and capability with a touch and turn them into great business leaders.

WE DO: Management Training Programs
The difference between a success and failure is a great team. As a leader you can have the great vision for your business, but it will not come into life unless you have a strong team that will share, shape and shepherd your vision. At PERIS-SCOPE we help to identify our clients’ organizational knowledge gaps and develop tailor made training programs to build the skills and capabilities. The tailor made trainings help your teams to experience real life worldwide  case studies from different industries and develop their skills to implement their learnings into your business challenges with an immediate effect.

PERIS-SCOPE provides trainings in the following key areas:

  • Business Management: Project Management, Effective Communication Skills, Basic Finance Skills
  • Marketing: Marketing Fundamentals &Brand Management, Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, PR Strategy, Brief Writing and Creative Idea Evaluation, How to run an Integrated Communication Campaign, Consumer Understanding, Innovation Development
  • Sales: Shopper Understanding, Category Management, Strategic Shelf Planning, How to Manage your distributor, In-Store Marketing, Strategic Promotion and Pricing Planning


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